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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment/RO Water Purifier

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $800.00 - $1,400.00 / Metric Ton
Payment Terms L/C,D/A

Product Features

Product Description

Molecular Formula : C3O3N3Cl3

Molecular Weight : 232.44

Effective Chlorine : 90.0% 

CAS No.: 87-90-1

PH(1% soln) : 2.7 to 3.3

UN No.:2468

Moisture : 0.5% max.

Solubility at 25°c : 1.2 (gm / 100 gm water)

EINECS NO.: 201-782-8


1.It is mainly used for the purification of potable water

2.the treatment of industrial waste water and special water (such as oily sewage, printing and dyeing papermaking wastewater, sewage treatment, smelting sewage, radioactive substances, toxic heavy metals such as Pb and Cr, and fluorine-containing sewage, etc.)

3.It also use in precision cast, paper production

4. Drilling, tanning, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries.

Package & Storage

1. The solid product is packed in woven bag 25kg net with inner plastic bag.

2. The product should be stored in dry and ventilated place, prevent from rain, high temperature and strong sunlight, but the effect will not be affected even if it gets wet.

3. Shelf life:  6 months for liquid product and 12 months for solid product.

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